Who does the writing
I do all of the writing, designing, crafting and customer contact.
I don’t outsource your writing to anyone.
I do all of the writing myself from my little studio space in Brisbane.
I will sometimes discuss your application with my two dogs (tiny terriers) however they’re completely confidential and in fact only pay attention if I have treats.

Do we need to take time out of our busy days to meet up
No – I aim for online and phone consultations for your convenience.
If you have any written notes about your work history, or a previous resume then I will work from that and a phone call.
In some cases, I may come to you at a suitable time for no extra charge.

How long does it take
For resumes and selection criteria I aim for a 24-48 hour turnaround.
Other services may take longer, however I’ll give you an estimate before I start.

Documents and Editing
You receive editable documents and PDF versions.
You can easily update or change the documents I create for you in the future.
Changing address, adding new qualifications, or adding further roles you’ve held is simple and you don’t have to come back to me for it. Of course I’d love it if you did!

Will I definitely get the job
I sure hope so. Your resume in particular is your first impression, and we make sure they’re seeing the absolute best of your work, history and potential.

Obviously there’s too many variables outside our control to make guarantees. However, having been on the hiring side of the table, a well written resume and selection criteria is an incredible advantage over the rest of the pack.

Once you make it over that first hurdle, we can also help with interview training and confidence building, so that you can turn up to the interview ready to land the position!